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Synchronized ]. This causes wrapping the whole method body into the lock on this reference for instance methods and lock on typeof for static methods. To protect the codebase from these potentially dangerous statements, I created the following analyzers:. Another common mistake related to choosing synchronization object is locking on typeof expression. This should be avoided because instances of the Type are implicitly shared across the application. After reading Writing High-Performance. I dug a little deeper and I discovered that those types belong to a group called types with a weak identity and the complete list of them is much longer:.

There is a FxCop rule CA Do not lock on objects with weak identity that should protect us from this issue. However, current implementations verify only lock statement, so if we are using Monitor. Enter or Monitor. TryEnter to acquire a lock we are still exposed to the risk of deadlock. Object - all the exceptions and Thread. This could possibly lead to the situation when the lock is acquired on the reference of base type but it points to the instance of type marked as a weak identity.

To increase our confidence, it would be wise to completely ban System.

A simple classic thread Example:

Exception and System. CriticalFinalizerObject base class for Thread as a candidate for locking object. Enter and Monitor. This situation is called abandoned lock and it ends up with a deadlock because the lock acquired on the object originally referenced by lockObject will never be released. If we write a lock statement over a value object, we get the CS compiler error.

However, if we use Monitor.

TryEnter instead of lock statement, the code will compile but it will also crush in the runtime with System. SynchronizationLockException , when we try to release the lock. This happens because when we pass a value object to Monitor. Exit , every method gets a different instance because of the boxing.

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The lock statement as well as Monitor usages will be monitored with MT Lock on value type instance rule. The best practice to avoid all these problems with selecting suitable object to lock onto, is to create a private and readonly instance of object type dedicated exclusively for locking purpose:. All my propositions of Roslyn analyzers are available on Github MultithreadingAnalyzer and can be added to your projects with NuGet package SmartAnalyzers.

It dives deeply into key C topics—in particular the new ones. You'll learn to reuse algorithms in a type-safe way with C 2 generics and expand the functionality of existing classes and interfaces using C 3 extension methods. Tricky issues become clear in author Jon Skeet's crisp, easy-to-follow explanations and snappy, pragmatic examples. With this book under your belt, you will easily learn—and then master—new frameworks and platforms. He has spent a great amount of time in the C community answering questions in newsgroups as well as writing articles on the most misunderstood aspects of C and.

After having read tens of thousands of questions over the years, Jon has developed a deep insight into the areas that developers have trouble with, as well as what theyre trying to achieve. A keen reader of specifications, Jon aims to understand the language at the deepest level, which enables him to provide a detailed exposition of C , including a few dark corners which can trip up the unwary developer. I was especially impressed with the excellent coverage of delegates, annonymous methods, covariance and contravariance.

Even if you are a seasoned developer, C in Depth will teach you something new about the C language This book truly has depth that no other C language book can touch. When you have questions about how to use C 4. Uniquely organized around concepts and use cases, this fourth edition includes in-depth coverage of new C topics such as parallel programming, code contracts, dynamic programming, security, and COM interoperability. This book has all the essential details to keep you on track with C 4. It is a book I recommend. NET Libraries teaches developers the best practices for designing system frameworks and reusable libraries for use with the Microsoft.

This book focuses on the design issues that directly affect the programmability of a framework, specifically its publicly accessible APIs. This book can improve the work of any. NET developer producing code that other developers will use. An added benefit is a collection of annotations to the guidelines by various members of the Microsoft.

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Distributed .NET Programming in C# - PDF Free Download

NET Framework and WinFX teams, which provide a lively discussion of the motives behind the guidelines, along with examples of good reasons for breaking the guidelines. Microsoft architects Krzysztof Cwalina and Brad Abrams offer guidelines for framework design from the top down.

From their long experience and deep insight, you will learn. NET developers. It gives clear do and don't guidance on how to design class libraries for. It also offers insight into the design and creation of. NET that really helps developers understand the reasons why things are the way they are. This information will aid developers designing their own class libraries and will also allow them to take advantage of the. NET class library more effectively.

First, any. NET developer will benefit from a greater understanding of the design principles that govern the.

Second, a deeper understanding of these principles will help you to create software that integrates well with the. NET environment. Quite frankly, this book should be on every. NET developer's bookshelf. This book has a permanent place on my bookshelf and I consult it frequently. Duffy aims to give application, system, and library developers the tools and techniques needed to write efficient, safe code for multicore processors.

This is important not only for the kinds of problems where concurrency is inherent and easily exploitable—such as server applications, compute-intensive image manipulation, financial analysis, simulations, and AI algorithms—but also for problems that can be speeded up using parallelism but require more effort—such as math libraries, sort routines, report generation, XML manipulation, and stream processing algorithms.


These days, concurrency is a first-order concern for practically all developers. It is a tour de force and I shall rely on it for many years to come. At that time, we had several discussions about threading and it was apparent that he was as passionate about this subject as I was. Most threading and concurrency books that I have come across contain information that is incorrect and explains how to solve contrived problems that good architecture would never get you into in the first place. Every self-respecting Windows developer should read this book.

Functional programming languages are good at expressing complex ideas in a succinct, declarative way. Functional concepts such as "immutability" and "function values" make it easier to reason about code—as well as helping with concurrency. NET libraries now bring the power of functional programming to. NET coders. This book teaches the ideas and techniques of functional programming applied to real-world problems.

Pro .NET 4 Parallel Programming in C#

You'll see how the functional way of thinking changes the game for. Then, you'll tackle common issues using a functional approach. The book will also teach you the basics of the F language and extend your C skills into the functional domain. No prior experience with functional programming or F is required. This is a book that only Bruce could have written.

Excellent content and easy readability! PowerShell replaces cobbled-together assemblies of third-party management tools with an elegant programming language and a powerful scripting shell for the Windows environment. In the tradition of Manning's ground breaking "In Action" series, this book comes from right from the source.

Windows PowerShell in Action shows you how to build scripts and utilities to automate system tasks or create powerful system management tools to handle the day-to-day tasks that drive a Windows administrator's life. Because it's based on the. NET platform, PowerShell is also a powerful tool for developers and power users. Windows PowerShell in Action was written by Bruce Payette, one of the founding members of the Windows PowerShell team, co-designer of the PowerShell language and the principal author of the PowerShell language implementation. The book enables you to get the most out of the PowerShell environment.

Using many examples, both small and large, this book illustrates the features of the language and environment and shows how to compose those features into solutions, quickly and effectively. This book is designed for anyone who wants to learn PowerShell and use it well. Rather than simply being a book of recipes to read and apply, this book gives you the deep knowledge about how PowerShell works and how to apply it.

The Second Edition is on the way. This new edition is updated with everything you need to integrate Silverlight 2. NET applications. They cover ASP. NET 3. This book will give you the knowledge you need to code real ASP. This book will teach you ASP.

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You'll learn:. This book is designed for developers encountering WPF for the first time in their professional lives. A working knowledge of C and the basic architecture of. NET is helpful to follow the examples easily, but all concepts will be explained from the ground up.