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Nightwalker (Harlequin Nocturne)

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The Witch's Quest by Michele Hauf. Brimstone Prince by Barbara J. The Witch and the Werewolf by Michele Hauf. Vampire Undone by Shannon Curtis. The Dragon's Hunt by Jane Kindred.

Wolf Slayer by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. Enchanter Redeemed by Sharon Ashwood. Captivated by the She-Wolf by Kristal Hollis. Awakening the Shifter by Jane Godman. I love YA books I started reading them a few years ago. I am saving all my favorites for my oldest daughter, so when she is old enough she can enjoy them also. I believe Static will become one of those books. I know I will enjoy reading it. Thank you for having the imagination to wright it. The book sounds great, I really like the 'help me kill the band' theme : Best of luck with the TV show, I hope it gets picked up.

Cath cbcowley gmail. Hello, the winner of the Static E-book is Kirssbaby6 if you could send me your snail mail to natalie jacquelynfrank. Thanks so much Post a Comment. Tuesday, August 2, Reinvention!! Now on to my post…. There has been quite a few.

Some small, and some major. Some personal like my continual battle with Pepsi addiction, but most are related to my writing career. As with all strife, its how you handle it that makes the difference. Kensington dropped me after my disastrous showing in sales of my erotic post-apocolyptic book Inferno, the sequel to Hell Kat. And I kept going. I realized I had a strong voice for YA, so I wrote one, and sent it to my agent and she shopped it, and shopped it and shopped it. So I wrote another YA, and sent it to my agent and she shopped it and shopped it and shopped it.

We came closer with this one, so close it makes me cry just thinking about it. Also through this shake up, I went back to my first love, writing screenplays. I actually started writing them before I ever wrote a book.


I have a few other scripts being read as well by various producers. Oh right, back to books…. I am still writing for Harlequin Nocturne as of this post, but will be self-publishing everything else I write. We have many paths to take to get to publication. This is a creepy and unique addition to the YA paranormal genre that goes a little bit further and gives a little bit more.